Digital health innovation

We present a proposal for each market sector


HEALTH TECHNOLOGY AND MEDICAL COMPUTING INDUSTRY CREA CUSTOM To companies that are developing (or already have) diagnosing or monitoring and tracking technology CREA helps you explore, develop and validate new business models that integrate native technology in global information systems. Depending on the initial project maturity, it can be incorporated to CREA Example: Company that manufactures glucose monitors and insulin pumps, with a traditional commercial model selling equipment and maintenance. CREA designs and builds an information system around data generated by the devices in order to improve the disease self management and to support the decision in real time, focusing over demand and opportunity criteria of teenager’s parents or adults with DT1, or advanced cases of DT2. We also work with the client validating its market hypothesis and creating clinical evidence of the value proposition.

HEALTH TECHNOLOGY AND MEDICAL COMPUTING INDUSTRY CREA CUSTOM To companies that have their own hospital information systems CUSTOM proposes specific complementary management solutions in order to enrich your offer with products and improve the value of your own technology giving competitive advantages that allow you to get into bigger market sectors. Example: Health Technology Company that markets its HIS system. CUSTOM designs and builds information systems that complete your system’s native capabilities and functionalities in a fully integrated way. For example, inpatient and outpatient mobility subsystems, home hospitalization management subsystems and for ambulatory major surgery, triage emergencies. Etc. In all of those cases we work with our own technological platforms. We also work with the LABS team about information extraction models in the database using our own know-how, and creating scorecards for process analysis, population studies… always oriented on client’s demand.


HOSPITALS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE CARE CENTERS LABS CREA CUSTOM To research foundations and research doctors from public and private hospitals that have ideas and projects. LABS helps you find or propose projects inside HORIZON 2020 or other international or national programs that help health innovation R&D. We work with research doctors developing technological solutions with shared IPR. We co-participate with your research foundation in the future exploitation of the results in win-win conditions. Examples: GECHRONIC clinical study about chronic management model collaborating with Hospital La Fe, that has finished with an agreement about the exploitation of TSB’s NOHMAD CHRONIC technology. Research projects with European funding (BeyondSilos, Mosaic and MyCyfapp) being developed collaborating with Hospital La Fe research units

HOSPITALS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE CARE CENTERS LABS CREA CUSTOM To research doctors from public or private hospitals that want to use their results to clinical practice CREA proposes to launch projects with a shared risk inside TSB CREA program, incubating the potential business during the innovation process lifetime, and we analyze the different options for launching and growing in the market. Example: Owned Clinical studies and the research team experience, added to published clinical evidence prove that a diagnostic methodology solves an unsolved need. CREA analyzes and defines hypothesis about market viability, funding viability and technical viability of the possible solutions. Then a project starts in TSB CREA that will finish in the real transactional process, from the idea to the product. TSB finds funding solutions in each step

HOSPITALS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE CARE CENTERS LABS CREA CUSTOM To clinical chiefs and managers from private or public hospitals that are willing to solve concrete problems related to clinical management, data treatment and remote patient attending. CUSTOM studies the needs and the technical options until we find the best cost-efficiency solution. We develop, test and introduce the solution, offering also a forming program, process reengineering support in case it’s needed and active support for the initiation and maintenance phases. Example: The home hospitalization unit needs doctors and nurses that actually go to the patient’s homes to have technical resources that allows them to work in the same access conditions to the HCE that they would have in the hospital. CUSTOM develops solutions for hospitalization mobility that works with the HCE.


TELECARE AND HOME CARE SERVICES LABS CREA ERLY To companies that provide socio-sanitary services and need to innovate in order to build a wider portfolio of services, or they know exactly their client and payers’ needs and they act to find new solutions that offer competitive advantages in the mid-term future. LABS is interested in include you as a partner in innovation proposals and projects where you will be able to show your vision in an international framework partnership. We define a validation and exploitation plan for the results, and support you positioning your company in an international framework, as a reference for future innovation opportunites. CREA invites you to collaborate in a market validation of new products and developed services and incubated in our acceleration program, and offers you the possibility to participate in its commercialization, following distribution or franchisee technology models, with a competitive edge condition. Example: A company that offers home assistance services that helps people with a high level of dependency. CREA is looking for these companies to test its new product ERLY.


PYMES AND START UPS To innovation SME’s with a technology know-how in areas such as sensorized wearable, biomarkers, micro electronics, big data… that wisht to turn them into solutions for unresolved needs. LABS helps you find or propose projects into HORIZON 2020, or other national or international R&D programs. We work besides you in order to master the technology into viable solutions preserving its IPRs. We offer you to be a part of the CREA program to accelerate your project and propose you business models that maximize the gained value in the project. Example: SME’s that are developing their own wearable technology for vital signs detection and that they mean an improvement in the art state. CREA works in different directions: Developing a new business that uses this technology to solve a concrete problem. It will be included in the CREA program. Incorporating technology as a part of a product/business already developed by TSB. Incorporating the technology in CUSTOM products for clients.