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echnological solutions for the health and welfare SA, hereinafter TSB, established contact located on C \ Lumere Louis Auguste, No. 23 Pta 13-46980 Paterna - (Valencia), telephone 961 827 177 and email address, he is responsible for the files in which the personal data collected will be included and treated from this website. These files are duly registered in the General Data Protection Registry of the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Data Collect

TSB collects only personal information that you provide through the forms on the website and our email addresses.

Uses and Purposes of the data collected

In the Personal Data are collected with the purposes listed below, if not satisfied with any of them can contact us at the email address Expected uses and purposes are:

Post comments

The information you provide through the forms will be used for managing users and posting comments on our blog.

Communication with Group companies

The information you provide us through the formularies, be used to report any concerns related to the business idea that we offer to any of our companies TSB Group.

Communication of data to third

TSB plans to the communication of personal third in the cases listed below data, if not happy with any of these assignments can contact us at the email address The communications provided are:
Communications established in Law
Your data will be communicated to third parties in cases where a statute so provides (public authorities, administrative or judicial authorities ...)


TSB uses appropriate to the state of the art, to protect your data and personal information, technologies and our website is stored on secure servers protected mÃs common types of attacks. However, we must remind you that there is not invulnerable technology and therefore must put the means at its disposal to maintain the level of data security, we recommend using especially robust passwords for access to your user account with at least 8 characters that alternate numbers, letters, uppercase, lowercase and special characters. We recommend you change your password also periodically (at least once a year) and to any suspicion that a third party may know, proceed to immediate modification.

Manager Treatment

In the event that the products or services procured or treatment access files with Personal Data, TSB will become MANAGER OF TREATMENT, as stipulated in article should occur. 12 of the Data Protection Act, and therefore could only access or treat personal data included in files of the client, when strictly necessary for the provision of contracted services and always on the customer's instructions provide it.
TSB will only process the data according to the customer's instructions not apply or use them for different purposes, nor communicate, even for their preservation, to others.
In that case, TSB is committed to access and processing of information and files with personal data to which access, under security measures and organizational techniques appropriate to the nature of the data processed or stored, according to safety standards established by Royal Decree 1720/2007, or superseding legislation.
Once the provision of services, the Personal Data property of the client will be blocked and subsequently canceled or returned, as with any medium or document containing any personal data subject to processing.


TSB undertakes, in accordance Article 10 sets the Data Protection Act, to secrecy regarding personal data accessed, even after the business relationship between the parties, must extend this obligation to all staff in your organization who access these files. This duty of confidentiality is also extended to other information other than personal data and to which it has access or knowledge for the provision of their services. However, the customer authorizes TSB for the sole purpose of its use as a commercial reference to the disclosure of their identifying data and / or logos, as well as the condition of customer for the products and services offered by TSB. This authorization is granted only understands the CLIENT for inclusion in advertising campaigns, lists and portfolios of commercial references edit in any medium TSB

Security Measures Applicable to the Processing of Personal Data

1ª.- Security Level: According to the information provided by the Client on the level of employment of files with personal character data object of this hiring security TSB states that the measures applied basic level of security, as described in RD 1720/2007.
2ª.-Scope of the technical and organizational security measures: TSB, states that implement the technical and organizational measures identified in this section, the functions described in these conditions of employment
3ª.- Document Security: TSB states that has a Security Document in accordance with the provisions of art. 88 R.D. 1720/2008.
4ª.- Manual Functions and Duties: TSB states that owns and maintains updated, a manual of functions and duties of staff regarding their information systems and personal data files as required by art. 89 R.D. 1720/2007, having been released this Manual to all staff. TSB agrees not to allow access or handling of files with Personal Data, to personnel who have not received a copy of that document.
5ª.- Incident Record: TSB states that has a registry of domestic incidents that meets the requirements stipulated by the art. 90 R.D. 1720/2007, this registry being used by their staff to report any incident related to the security of personal information and data included in the files with personal data they process.
6ª.- Access Control: TSB is committed to implement in advance the start of their services, few technical and organizational measures necessary to ensure the principles of security and confidentiality of information to which it has access as a result of their duties and in particular, states that meet the following with respect to access control:

  • It maintains an updated list of authorized users and accesses relationship.
  • Allows access only to authorized according to the functions assigned to each user.
  • It establishes mechanisms to prevent access to data or resources with rights other than those authorized.
  • Access permissions are granted only personnel authorized.

7ª.- Identification and authentication: TSB in their access to Personal Data of the controller maintains the following security measures regarding identification and authentication of users who will have access to this data:

  • The identification and authentication is personalized.
  • There is a procedure of allocation and distribution of passwords, which requires the use of strong passwords.
  • The passwords are stored is unintelligible.
  • Passwords are confidential (only known by the user)
  • Passwords are changed at least once a year.

8º.- Media Management: TSB must take the following precautions regarding the brackets with Personal Data:

  • Maintain an inventory of media
  • Establish a labeling system according to the inventory system that allows addition, identify the type of information they contain.
  • Store in a restricted authorized brackets
  • Establish a system of licensing of media outlets of its facilities, including outputs via e-mail
  • Adopt specific measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of personal data during transport and disposal of media.

9ª.- Backup: TSB states that has a backup system that ensures the recovery of their information in the course if necessary, proving that system at least once every 6 months
10ª.- Non-automated files: With respect to documents with personal data to which TSB has access during their work performance, this take the following measures:

  • Maintain documentation in cabinets, drawers or cabinets that have devices which obstruct its opening.
  • During the review and processing of documents, the person in charge thereof must be diligent and safeguard it to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Only they have access to documents the personnel who are authorized.
  • If a transfer occurs documentation security measures must be taken to prevent the loss or access by third parties to those documents taken (transfer in closed and discrete devices, keep track of documents ...)

11ª Staff TSB: TSB, undertakes to communicate these obligations exposed to its staff, ensuring compliance with these regulations, among employees within the scope objective of this contract.


The CUSTOMER expressly authorizes TSB for outsourcing data hosting service (hosting) used for the management and provision of services. If you want to know the identity of the suppliers used by TSB, you can request it through the email address
Exercise of Rights
At any time you may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending the corresponding request for exercise along with a copy of the official document that identifies you (ID card, driving license or passport) to the email address


This Privacy Policy is dated 09/09/2015 and any modification of its terms will be published on this website.