Boost program for Digital Health Start-Ups created form IT R&D projects

We create sustainable and scalable business models for your digital health projects

We SELECTthe best investment instruments depending of the status of your business. We evaluate also the participation in EU funded project if needed
We provide consultancy services in the DEVELOPMENT of prototypes and MVPs, looking for the continuous feedback from the user and the market
We CREATE business opportunities from the evaluation of the Problem/Solution fit, client identification, product/market fit and the choice of the best sell channels
We facilitate contacts with potential clients, looking for a correct configuration of the business model and the opportunities in the market. This creates NETWORKING opportunities and the first business collaborations


CREA program is oriented to boost your digital health project from the creation of synergies with TSB. Working with us and after the agreement of concrete actions you will get access to resources, tools, methodologies and networking used by TSB in its own innovation process for converting R&D in products.